SYAG's Projects

Here in SYAG, we aim to positively give back to our communities as much as we can. We have worked on several projects that enable us to do so. Some include the micro-maker fair and the campaign during the holy month of Ramadan to package food for the needy. All SYAG members are encouraged to volunteer and help these projects succeed as they are. We do not only strive to help our communities but to also offer enjoyable opportunities for many.

The AlBalad Project

The AlBalad project's goal was to teach illiterate kids different subjects such as maths, English, Arabic, and arts and crafts. This project lasted for around 13 weeks, with SYAG members helping these students learn. The children being taught were even assigned roles, such as head tutor, to teach a group of other children what they have learned. The children were able to learn basics about subjects they knew little or nothing about.

The Micro-Maker Faire

In cooperation with Bright Up, SYAG successfully created the micro-maker fair! One of the aims of this project was to promote the maker movement, which encouraged many to make whatever they want using different supplies. This fair included artists, people who do calligraphy, and some innovations! There were many interactive activities that encouraged visitors to start making stuff on their own. SYAG's micro-maker fair promoted the maker movement and tried to give back to its community by encouraging it to pursue different passions.


Ramadan Campaign

During the holy month of Ramadan, SYAG wanted to give back to the less fortunate. The aim of this campaign is to preserve lest over food and encourage many to give and share food and other items to the less fortunate, as well as to raise awareness of food waste among members of our society. SYAG members were in charge of spreading awareness and packaging leftover food to be sent to the needy. Ramadan is a month of giving, putting ourselves in other's shoes and helping each other out. In cooperation with other companies, we have made this campaign a success. 

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